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Multi-Purpose Grease Bellows

41580 450ml Bellows Cartridge fits Japanese style grease guns and automatically lubricated robotic assembly and moulding equipment designed to be utilized with a collapsible, disposable, plastic bellows cartridges.

Ultra Violet Additive

In those applications where it is important to verify the presence of a complete or continuous film of lubricant on a component where it is difficult to see the coating of grease or oil, Super Lube® is now available with an Ultra Violet tracer that fluoresces under black light. The UV Additive is available in the following product sizes:

 Multi-Purpose Synthetic UV Grease (NLGI 2)

41150/UV  400 gram Cartridge

41160/UV  400 gram Canister

41050/UV  5 lb. Pail

41030/UV  30 lb. Pail

Silicone Dielectric and Vacuum UV Grease

91015/UV  400 gram Cartridge

91016/UV  400 gram Canister

91005/UV  5 lb. Pail

91030/UV  30 lb. Pail


51014/UV  7ml. Precision Oiler (bulk)

51004/UV  4 oz. Bottle

51030/UV  1 qt. Bottle

51040/UV  1 gal. Bottle

51050/UV  5 gal. Pail


Silicone Oil

Super Lube® is now available as a pure Polydimethylsiloxane Silicone Oil for use in applications where compatibility of the rubber compound is not known, in dashpot or dampening applications, and as a general high temperature lubricating oil. It is available in two viscosities:

 100 cSt

56104  4 oz. Bottle

56101  1 gal. Bottle

56105  5 gal. Pail

 5000 cSt

56504  4 oz. Bottle

56501  1 gal. Bottle

56505  5 gal. Pail

 3 oz. Tube Nozzle

The 1/2 oz. tube of Super Lube® Grease offers a built in tapered tip that facilitates the application of grease to a localized area. This feature is now available in the form of an accessory nozzle that replaces the sealing cap on the end of the 3 oz. tube. The nozzle can be cut to size, is resealable with a snap on cap, and as the tube of grease is exhausted, it is reusable on replacement tubes.

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