Metal detectable gaskets are a type of gasket that can be easily detected by metal detection equipment. These gaskets are typically used in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and packaging operations to ensure that any gasket fragments that may break off during use can be easily detected and removed to prevent contamination of products.


Here at ATC we offer a wide range of metal detectable gaskets. These are available in a range of materials including EPDM, Viton®, Buna-N, and Silicone and Fluoropolymer (PTFE). Our metal detectable gaskets are generally made from many different types of materials, including rubber and metal particles, which allows them to be detected by metal detection equipment. The metal particles are usually embedded in the rubber, ensuring that they will not fall out or become dislodged during use.


The Benefits:

Metal detectable gaskets offer many benefits. Firstly, they can help to prevent contamination of food products. Metal detecting equipment will be able to identify the metal particles if a gasket is damaged or breaks, alerting the operator to the issue and enabling them to take action to stop future contamination of food. Metal detecting gaskets also have the advantage of being simple to clean and disinfect. They are suited for use in a number of food processing and pharmaceutical production applications because they are able to tolerate high temperatures and corrosive cleaning agents. Because of all these reasons, these gaskets assist in meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining high safety standards.

Overall, metal detectable gaskets are a very efficient and useful option for pharmaceutical and food processing facilities, assisting in the prevention of contamination and ensuring the safety of goods. These gaskets are a dependable option for many industrial applications since they are simple to use, simple to clean, and resistant to high temperatures and abrasive cleaning agents.

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