Do you need to consolidate your oils, greases and lubricants?

Often our customers use multiple different brands and types of oils, greases and lubricants. With our business partner, we are often able to consolidate this usage. This invariably results in less waste, less downtime in looking for the right lubricant and less of a need to hold different types thus reducing inventory.

Super Lube products are

  • synthetic
  • clean
  • multipurpose – can be used for different applicaitons
  • food grade
  • dielectric – they do not conduct electricity
  • lasting – they last 3-4 times longer than conventional products.

As engineering solution providers, we understand the importance of lubricants to the proper and long functioning and maintenance of machinery. With a full range of features and benefits including food-grade options, our products are the single source solution for a broad spectrum of lubrication applications. For example, Silicone is ideal for long-term use due to its resistance to extreme factors such as high temperatures and oxidation. Furthermore, its  high thermal stability ensures the efficacy of these characteristics remain consistent even under extremely high temperatures.

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