Industrial Lubricants

ATC Industry Solutions are leading suppliers of industrial lubricants. We specialise in lubricants , oils  and  food-grade greases for industrial purposes. Industrial lubricants and greases are used to provide a fluid medium between two surfaces in order to reduce the amount of friction which is present and allow for ease of movement with reduced resistance.

We supply a complete range of Industrial Lubricants

  • Greases – Multi-purpose grease, dielectric grease, lubricating grease, high temperature grease and railroad grease.
  • Oils – Synthetic oil with PTFE, lightweight oil without PTFE, non-flammable hydraulic oil, railroad switchplate oil, air tool lubricant and synthetic gear oil.
  • Aerosol Sprays – Multi-purpose, dri-film, silicone, synthetic penetrants and more for a wide variety of applications.
  • Specialty Products – Engine treatment products, anti-corrosion gel, heat sink compound and industrial strength cleaners and degreasers.

High Quality Industrial Lubricants

  • synthetic
  • clean
  • multipurpose – can be used for different applicaitons
  • food grade
  • dielectric – they do not conduct electricity
  • lasting – they last 3-4 times longer than conventional products.

As leading industrial lubricant suppliers, we understand the importance of lubricants to the proper functioning and maintenance of machinery. With a full range of features and benefits, our industrial lubricant products are the single source solution for a broad spectrum of lubrication applications. For example, Silicone is ideal for long-term use due to its resistance to extreme factors such as high temperatures and oxidation. Furthermore, its  high thermal stability ensures the efficacy of these characteristics remain consistent even under extremely high temperatures.



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