Silicone Cords

Silicone cords allow users to create custom length seals and gaskets. Due to its low toxicity, resistance to micro-bacterial growth and its thermal stability, Silicone is the preferred material choice for the food, beverage and medical industries.

Our silicone cords are able to retain their flexibility which ensures you get excellent sealing properties in almost any environment even at extreme temperatures from -60°C to 230°C.

Our silicone rubber cords are manufactured to tight tolerances which allows for superior sealing properties in applications which require it.

Our products can be tailored to suit either industrial use and/or cleanrooms (ISO 6, ISO 7 and ISO 8). We can provide FDA, REACH and RosH certification where required.

Our cords are available with a minimum diameter of 0,2 mm and are available in various colours.

Silicone Profiles

Silicone Profiles  can be produced in a variety of shapes and are durable whilst at the same time being flexible.  Silicone rubber is suitable for applications in very cold environments up to high temperatures (200°C). Options include food-grade, flame retardant, steam resistant grades. 

Profiles include U-profiles and more complex cross sections.

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