Industrial Insulation Materials

Our industrial insulation materials have a wide range of applications in industry from oil and gas to HVAC installations, railways, and customised solutions for OEMs. Our industrial materials are designed to suit aggressive environments – to include, but not exclusively, exposure to UV, sea salt, or other atmospheric agents.

Our industrial insulation products have been tested to many global standards to include BS, EN, BSEN, IMO, DNV and Lloyds Register to mention only a small proportion of approvals for the range of products. Please contact us for information on the specific certification for the sector in which you are to apply the product.

The benefits of using industrial insulation materials include:

  • Saves on energy and the environment.

Insulation acts as a barrier to energy flow. It can make environments more comfortable by reducing the amount of energy loss. Insulation can significantly reduce your energy costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions as a direct consequence. It also lengthens the lifetime of equipment by reducing the rate at which they need to operate to maintain the temperatures of the medium caried or the environment they are protecting. This product is rated with GWP (Global warming potential) of 0 (Zero)

  • Helps prevent corrosion

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a severe form of localized external corrosion that occurs in carbon and low alloy steel equipment that has been insulated. This form of corrosion occurs when water is absorbed by or collected in the insulation. The equipment begins to corrode as it is exposed to water and oxygen. Our insulation products are extensively used in industrial applications and the closed cell elastomeric insulation has an inherent high resistance to water vapour permeability. In addition, for more exposed applications we have a number of covering systems that are used in Marine and Oil and Gas applications.

  • Reduces sound levels and vibration

Whether at home, work or leisure, most of our time is spent inside buildings, so it is important that we feel comfortable. The optimum environment is created from a combination of the correct ambient temperature, humidity and lighting, access to necessary resources in an acceptable acoustic environment. Our products offer a range of sound absorption and impact sound deadening for an extensive variety of applications, from walls, floors, and drainage pipes in buildings to high end industrial oil and gas installations.

  • Safety- Protects against elevated surface temperatures

Personal Protection insulation needs to be provided to avoid personal heat injury. All exposed surfaces that exceed 65° C should be installed with personal protection insulation. The areas that are accessible by any personnel should be protected; this is in addition to the obvious energy saving properties of the range.

Industrial insulation solutions also include:

  • Firestopping

Our firestopping industrial insulation materials are economical, versatile, easy to install and, above all, reliable. Each solution is tested by independent and recognised laboratories and evaluated according to the current standard of fire resistance test. We constantly develop new products and solutions able to satisfy all the requirements of the market. Using advanced fire-resistant materials, we support fire engineers in finding the best solution to protect from fire critical elements like ventilation duct, cable tray lines, pipelines and structural elements like pillars, beams and stay cables. We provide standard solutions tested by independent laboratory or customized solutions designed and developed in strict cooperation with customers.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

An original equipment manufacturer is generally perceived as a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. Our industrial insulation materials are used in applications for the manufacturing of finished good items, from foams for seals in automotive applications, refrigeration equipment, beverage dispense equipment, portable buildings, Pod builders, generator housing and many other diverse areas of industry. We supply a large range of NBR, EPDM and Polyethylene products to this market sector.


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