Industrial seals and gaskets may be small compared to other parts of industrial machinery, but they are crucial for its correct and efficient functioning, as well as maintenance. For this reason, acquiring the right types of industrial seals and gaskets best suited to your needs, and with high-quality standards can be decisive for a manufacturing process to run smoothly. At ATC we are specialists in engineering services and solutions, so we have prepared this post with everything you must know about industrial seals and gaskets to make better and informed decisions regarding your machinery.

What is the difference between industrial seals and gaskets?

While industrial seals and gaskets do perform comparable roles in preventing leaks, they serve different purposes. A gasket is a ring or sheet used in static applications to seal joints, flanges, and other mating surfaces to prevent leaking. Seals, in contrast with gaskets, are more typically found in more dynamic environments such as motors, engines, pumps, and rotary shafts. Seals have a sloping back and are normally flat and spherical.

Seals are commonly employed to prevent leakage between two moving components as well as the entry of particles and impurities into the system. The procedure of repairing a broken or damaged seal can be time-consuming. Not just the seal, but the complete structure, may need to be disassembled in order to get access to the seal and replace it.

What are the types of industrial seals and gaskets?

There are different types of industrial seals and gaskets. Choosing the most suitable type will vary according to their purpose, environment, and application.

Types of Seals:


  • Glass Rope (Ceramic rope seal & Glass fibre lagging rope)

Used as a packing and sealing agent, ceramic rope can withstand temperatures up to 1260°C, being used in insulation applications. On the other hand, rope lagging is made from a core of parallel glass fibre strands enclosed in a braided cover of glass yarn.  They are soft and supple, resistant to most chemicals, oils, and solvents, and resistant to temperatures up to 500°C.

  • O-Rings

An industrial O-ring is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section used as a mechanical seal or gasket in a variety of applications. In particular, O-Rings are employed for sealing liquid or gaseous systems. Several different materials (elastomers) can be used for the manufacture of O-rings.

  • Custom Seals for Industry

ATC specialize in the supply of custom seals for industry, such as mechanical seals. Applications include the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, and benefits include reliability, reduction in leakage, reduced friction and loss of power, and reduced wear on shaft, saving time and cost.

  • Adhesive Backed Sponge

Neoprene Foams or Sponge Rubber Foams have excellent resistance to oxidation, UV, ozone and weathering. Our adhesive-backed sponge is a closed-cell sponge, which means that it is more rigid and stable than an open-cell sponge. Therefore, air and moisture are unable to get inside the foam. Flexible and compressible, they are typically used for sealing and insulating both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Custom Bellows for Industry

Industrial bellows can be used either as seals or connectors. Used as seals, they keep mechanisms free from contamination by the environment. When used as a connector, they contain substances passing between fixing points it connects. It can also be manufactured to take up vibration, thermal expansion, and some misalignment in the system.

Types of Gaskets:


  • Isolation Kits
    Flange isolation kits for gaskets are used to seal and insulate flanges electrically as they are designed to prevent leakage while protecting systems from corrosion by electricity. Their main benefits are increased plant efficiency, increased safety, and lower maintenance costs.
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
    Spiral wound gaskets are utilized in extremely high-pressure applications, as well as in extremely corrosive or high-temperature environments, such as pipelines in the chemical and petroleum industries. At ATC we offer gaskets made from a wide range of materials and tailor-made gaskets for client needs.
  • Soft Cut Gaskets
    Soft-cut gaskets can easily compress under a low bolt load. They are made from a range of sheets and have attributes such as superior power resistance, ease of installation, temperature resistance, and a longer functional life. Soft-cut gaskets are available in a variety of materials and can be custom designed by ATC.

Talk to our specialists in industrial seals and gaskets

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