Square Profiles are ideal for building heavy-duty fabricated structures for material handling. They are a highly versatile, lightweight industrial solution with many applications. Such applications include: Frames, clean rooms, flow racks, chassis, assembly stations, assembly lines, trolleys, sim rigs, special purpose machine frames, machine frames, guarding, robotic enclosures, showcases and partition walls.  

They are a diverse application, used in a wide range of industries:

  • Architecture and ConstructionTheir clean aesthetics and structural strength make them an ideal choice for creating modern and visually pleasing structures.
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery – They are used to build conveyors, supports, frames, and other structural components. They are essential in numerous industrial applications due to their robustness and simplicity of assembly.
  • Furniture and Interior Design – Often used in manufacturing tables, chairs, shelving systems, and display fixtures, their sleek appearance and ease of integration allow designers to create contemporary and functional furniture designs.

The Benefits of Square Profiles:

  • Structural Integrity – Due to their equal side lengths and right angles they can withstand heavy loads and resist deformation, ensuring long-lasting performance. 
  • Easy Integration and Assembly – Their square shape simplifies the integration and assembly process. The consistent dimensions and right angles facilitate precise connections, allowing for efficient fabrication and assembly of structures, frameworks, and other products.
  • Design Simplicity & Aesthitically pleasing look – Their clean lines and symmetrical nature of square extrusions make them an excellent choice for applications that demand simplicity and aesthetics. Their straight edges and right angles lend a modern and sophisticated look to structures and products, making them visually appealing.

We supply 80 x 40 and 40 x 40 square profiles are priced per metre. Contact info@atcgroup.ie for more information

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