ATC are suppliers of sanitary fittings and tubing (also called hygienic fittings and tubing) throughout Ireland.

Sanitary fittings are designed from materials that limit entrapment areas where bacteria could form or propagate and they are also corrosion resistant. Sanitary fittings are used because they can be cleaned – either by dismantling the system, manually cleaning it or using a CIP (clean in place) process.

Sanitary fittings, clamps and tubing is used in a range of industries and primarily in:

Information on Sanitary Ferrules, Clamps, Blanks and Gaskets

More information on the ATC range of Sanitary Fittings and Tubing can be found in the Sanitary Gaskets section on our site.


Sanitary or hygienic fittings

Sanitary or hygienic fittings

Tri Clamp


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