Bottling & Filling Parts

Bottling spare parts and replacement parts that can be used on all types of machines including Krones Filling machines, KHS filling equipment and E-PAK bottling / filling machines. ATC Industry Solutions can hold and supply spare parts to bottling clients anywhere in the UK and in Ireland. Our service is fast and reliable and all spare or replacement parts are of the highest quality.

Solutions include:

Sealing solutions for many different components used in the filling process including a full range of seals, fittings, tubing, clamps, orings, and gaskets

Bottling Machine spare parts such as (but not limited to) bearingsbeltsconveyor componentsguide rails.

Bottling machine wear parts including wear bands, wear strips, bottle pads, brushes and cutters, gripping parts, rinser units.


Our Medical Device Product Range

For 30 years ATC has been a proud and trusted provider of Industrial components to many medical device companies. With this milestone we have found it fitting to go in depth on some medical device components we offer. In this blog we will explore our medical device...

Metal Detectable Gaskets

Metal detectable gaskets are a type of gasket that can be easily detected by metal detection equipment. These gaskets are typically used in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and packaging operations to ensure that any gasket fragments that...

Silicone Dielectric Grease

Silicone dielectric grease is a type of lubricant that is commonly used in the electrical industry to protect against corrosion and improve the conductivity of electrical connections. It is a clear, viscous gel that is made from a silicone oil base and mixed with...

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